Margin of Sight

07 March - 19 September 2020

Margin of Sight program, which has been postponed within the framework of the measures taken against the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, continues from where it left off.

Pera Film, in collaboration with 5Harfliler and curated by Suna Kafadar, presents the program Margin of Sight. The series of screenings and a talk is titled in reference to the women filmmakers who have been trying to look at the margin of sight, which marks the limits of the male gaze that encodes women’s lives and bodies as a totality that is ‘looked at’ but never looks back. This totality endeavors to condense women into a boring but fatal binary that either abstracts and sublimes women or dis-members them in violent visual gestures.

While the films in the program challenge the mainstream masculinist cinematic gaze, they also create doors that open to new worlds and possibilities by making use of experimentation with various mediums, temporalities and visual styles in cinema. This film program is a small but sure testament of how vital experimentation is for women filmmakers’ thought and art practices. Since the 70s, artists who have been nourished by feminism have shown a great diversity and creativity in the way that they have translated their lives, thoughts and fantasies into film.

Composed of shorts and feature films, the program features lives or life fragments of singular women, through which we see how feminist interventions in cinema have transformed the way we look. We call out to you to think with us on representation, in a visual and symbolic world where we as women struggle to determine our lives, while forfeiting the very lives that we have struggled so hard to own up to and live through.

Inspired by women who take back the night on March 8, Margin of Sight is dedicated to those women all around the world.


Established in 2012, 5Harfliler is a feminist online publication. Since its inception, the platform has been open to anyone and everyone who wish to submit their writings, and have been collectively organized and managed by a core team made up of women. Ranging from art to science, experience pieces to macro politics, 5Harfliler continues to publish cultural critique, considering only the sky as the limit. Until now, 5Harfliler has worked with over 500 contributors and published more than 2500 pieces.

This program’s screenings are free admissions. Drop in, no reservations. As per legal regulations, all our screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.

Pera Film is opening its doors again as part of the controlled normalization process. 

We would like to remind you of the measures we are taking and the procedures you must follow to safely attend film screenings. We kindly ask visitors to wear a mask at all times inside the auditorium. Please don’t bring food or any beverage other than water into the room. Comply with the seating arrangements we have designed in accordance with social distancing regulations. 

The auditorium is thoroughly disinfected after each screening and the room is ventilated. No more than 39 people are allowed in the auditorium at one time and masks are obligatory.

In collaboration


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