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Women Paintings Stories

31 January - 09 April 2006

Art history, one of the liveliest and most exciting branches of knowledge of our times, emphasizes the need to continually re-examine, re-evaluate and re-interpret its primary ingredient - art works of the past. From fresh perspectives in the light of current information, thought and theory about these works, and also the discourse of knowledge that surrounds a work of art are being continually adapted.

Women Paintings Stories海南4+1开奖 is the product of just such an inclination and re-interpretation of the transformation of the image of  'women' in Turkish painting in the modernization era. In this exhibition of more than fifty works chosen from a variety of public institutions and private collections spanning the era from the Meşrutiyet / Second Constitution through the Republic, a voyage through the years was embarked upon, during which, the Turkish art of painting underwent a movement towards contemporaneity, within the framework of an exceptional and extremely meaningful theme, a reinterpretation of the transformation of the image of 'women'.

Curator: Zeynep Yasa Yaman




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海南4+1开奖Women Paintings Stories

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