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Singapore Unseen

05 April - 20 May 2018

Singapore Unseen海南4+1开奖 exhibition brought together “ordinary” scenes from the daily life in Singapore through unique viewpoints of photographers living in the country. Curated by photographer Kay Chin TAY, the exhibition was the outcome of a two-year collaboration by PLATFORM- a photography collective to promote photojournalism and documentary work in Singapore. This exhibition was an in-depth study into the nation's rather unknown face solely visible from a local perspective.

There have been comprehensive photography projects aimed at chronicling certain defining moments in the history of Singapore, like the published books such as A Salute to Singapore published in 1984 and Singapore: Island, City, State in 1990. The former offered a more frivolous and outsider view of the lifestyle, whereas the latter presented a relatively more in-depth study regarding the daily life and the ordinary.

In the course of time, photography in Singapore has demonstrated major progress and most importantly, many local photographers feel the urge to tackle contemporary concerns and issues. Focusing on their homeland, these photographers present their own singular angle of their experience. Formed by professional documentary photographers and photojournalists, the PLATFORM group supports works that offer a distinctive, unique view into Singapore.

Zinkie AW, Amrita CHANDRADAS, Sam CHIN & Samuel HE, CHOW Chee Yong, John CLANG, CHUA Chin Hon, Ernest GOH, Philip HO, KOH Yee Chao, Edwin KOO, LIM Weixiang, Bob LEE, Sean LEE, Nicky LOH, Graciela MAGNONI, Nadir MEHADJI, Joseph NAIR, Deanna NG, Dara ONG, ORE Huiying, SIM Chi Yin, Darren SOH, TAY Kay Chin, Matthew TEO, THAM Kok Leong, UNG Ruey Loon, Patrick VAN DAM, WEE Teck Hian, Tom WHITE, Bernice WONG, Shyue WOON, Vanissa YUNIBANDHU, Robert ZHAO Renhui




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海南4+1开奖Singapore Unseen

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