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Mario Prassinos

In Pursuit of an Artist: Istanbul-Paris-Istanbul

25 May - 14 August 2016

This exhibition was centered on the art of Mario Prassinos, who was born in Istanbul into a Greek-Ottoman family and began his artistic career in Paris, among the 20th century avant-gardes. Brought together a large selection of his works ranging from paintings and book illustrations to tapestries, portraits, and engravings, the exhibition revealed the striking and unique character of Prassinos and his distinctive style shifting from Surrealism to a more realistic approach. Curated by Seza Sinanlar Uslu, the exhibition welcomes back this original 20th century artist to his birthplace to Pera, Istanbul, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.


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Mario Prassinos
海南4+1开奖 In Pursuit of an Artist: İstanbul-Paris-İstanbul

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