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Images of Our Time

Works from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

04 September - 01 November 2015

Since its foundation, Pera Museum has supported young artists and contemporary art through collaborations with many universities and art institutions both in Turkey and abroad。 In its tenth year, Pera Museum hosted young artists from Bosnia Herzegovina。 In collaboration with Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts and with the support of IKASD, this exhibition brought together works in various media including paintings, sculptures, prints, and graphic and product design created by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as graduates of the six faculties of the academy。 Curated by Professor Aida Abadžić Hodžić from the Faculty of Philosophy of Sarajevo University, the exhibition surveyed contemporary art in Bosnia Herzegovina and offered comments and reflections by its young artists on the history and social issues of the country。

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Images of Our Time
Works from The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

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